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“I believe everyone has the right to wake up every day feeling happy, healthy and confident.”

Hi! I’m dan,

the man behind DTM Fitness. I’ve been training for the last 9 years and what an incredible journey it has been! When I first started my goal was to lose weight as I had put on a little more than I liked, and through intense cardio and overly strict and unsustainable eating, I achieved a weight loss of over 7kg in 2 months.

However, this was a journey, not just in terms of my body composition but learning through trial and error. Losing this much weight so quickly actually saw me also lose some strength as I shed both fat and muscle at the same time. A year into my journey I decided to double down and begin working on the complete rebuilding of my musculature I’d lost and develop strength in lacking areas. I also reassessed my eating habits and noticed there were several areas I could optimise my diet not just for performance benefits but also to ENJOY FOOD and not have to live seeing food simply as energy. Fast forward 6 years or so and I come to my next junction… how do I take this to the next level? What else could I do to further improve my own training and is there anything else I can give?

My next choice was the biggest of my life so far… I decided to switch careers. All I’ve ever wanted to do was combine my work with the enjoyment I get from making others happy. My step from Wedding and Events Planner to full Personal Trainer felt so natural, and the fact that I was able to satiate my hunger for the science behind training and exercise made it ever more appealing to me! Since then the knowledge I had gained up until that point transitioned into experience… lessons that had been learned over time through making the right turns and importantly the wrong ones; lessons I could teach others to potentially save them the time and get them off to a safer more sustainable start on their own fitness journey. I take great pride in being able to work with people to help improve their quality of life whatever their goals may be and I want to spread the message as long as I can that every has the right to wake up feeling happy, healthy & confident.

My love for the science is what drives me to improve my own training and offer the best advice to all my clients. My passion lies in sharing those moments every time someone achieves something new, or reaches a new milestone.

Make a Change

Real People,

Real Results.

“I regularly run 10ks and am running a half marathon later this year and was looking for advice on how to best prepare as well as wanting to loose a few pounds post-Christmas. I spoke with Dan as I’ve got a good training plan in place but wasn’t really thinking about food and how it can help me maximise my performance. There’s so much I didn’t know about the value of a good diet and I didn’t realise I’ve actually been undereating for months! Now I know how it can help me before, during and after my run. After a few weeks I feel like I have so much more energy and have also lost a few pounds too!”


Nutritional Guidance Client

I regularly train with Dan and his fresh ideas are really bringing a new perspective. His circuits class is also so fun!


1-1 Client


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Let’s make a plan for you that works. Drop me a line with your name, number and a little about what you want to achieve and I’ll arrange a time for us to talk.


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