Training options
& Goals


Personal training should first and foremost always be just that… personal. This means 1 – 1 sessions designed specifically to support your individual goals and constructed as a result of an in-depth consultation. 

These sessions can take place at home, outside (come rain or shine) or at the gym, flexibility is key.

BOOTCAMP & group training


A weekly group bootcamp where you can get fit and meet new people in the great outdoors. Sessions will last 45 minutes and be high intensity to get the blood pumping.


Already understand the basics and want to take your training to the next level? Or have you hit a fitness plateau and want to find a way around it? Bespoke training programmes are tailored to you… your body composition, your experience and most importantly to your end goals. Delivered to you for easy reading and accessibility.



Whether you are looking to loose weight, gain muscle or maintain your general fitness levels, we can help…

Weight Loss

I can offer advice on both training and diet that will support your weight loss needs to get that number on the scale down to your target weight, as quickly and safely as possible. 

Fat Reduction

If you are looking to target fat loss specifically but want to retain muscle mass, then lets build a tailored programme with key nutrient goals to maximise muscle maintenance and encourage fat tissue reduction.

Body recomposition

Been through a bit of a bulk and now want to cut? Or perhaps you want to now build after cutting out some of the fat you built up during a bulk? Or perhaps even simpler, you’d like to fit into the clothes that don’t quite measure up anymore and like me, suffer from a slight case of love handles? (!) Lets work on a program that will add definition to the areas you want to improve and reduce fat in the areas you want to remove.

Muscle Growth & Development

New to the gym and don’t know where to start but want to start building muscle? Perhaps you have hit a plateau and want to understand why and how to move past it? Lets work on a program that will include technique analysis and optimisations and cover the basics in terms of muscle building covering both diet and training types in full.

Postural Correction

Suffering from shoulder issues or an achey neck? Does the thought of a shoulder rub appeal at the end of each day? You might need postural adjustment. Lets work on rebuilding your posture for use in and out of work and all through the day to promote a healthy posture and release the tension on your joints.

Technique development

You’ve decided to start lifting weights and want to build from a safe, sustainable basis of solid technique to maximise your work later and be more efficient throughout your journey, or perhaps, you want to revisit the basics via a crash course and address any technique flaws that might be causing joint or muscle strains? (we are looking at you shoulder pain!) Lets work towards going over the basics and understand in depth how the technique can go wrong and lead to imbalances across the body and injuries and how to continually work within a safe but effective range of motion even as your progressively overload to heavy weights.

nutritional guidance

Whatever your goal is, nutrition is pivotal to achieving it. When in the gym you don’t burn fat or build muscle; both of these things happen every minute you spend outside of the gym so its critical (potentially more important) than the time you spend inside of it. Lets go through science and how to maximise your macros, optimise your daily routine and schedule when to eat certain foods to get the greatest benefit out of the bodies natural systems.


Get in touch for a free consultation

Let’s make a plan for you that works. Drop me a line with your name, number and a little about what you want to achieve and I’ll arrange a time for us to talk.


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